Meals and Nutrition

At Playbox we ensure that all children are provided with a nutritious and varied diet. We have a 4 weekly menu rotation which includes cooking activities that the children participate in.


We know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. On arrival at nursery there is a choice of healthy cereals and a selection of fruit, croissants, crumpets, toast, milk and water. We provide breakfast for all children up until 9am.


Our cook prepares a hot lunch and pudding. The meals provided are well balanced and nutritious, and the variety ensures children enjoy a wide range of different foods. We cater for all dietary requirements.


The children have a light tea at around 4pm such as Sandwiches/bagels/wraps, veg sticks and yoghurt. On some days the children help to make tea, for example creating their own pizzas or baking buns.


We also provide a mid-morning and midafternoon snack. The children have a drink of water or milk, and fresh fruit/vegetable sticks to keep up their energy levels for the busy nursery day. Drinking water is available to all children throughout the day.

Milk for Babies

We kindly ask you to provide either milk formula or expressed milk for your child at nursery.

During weaning the staff will work closely with you so we can offer your child the same foods that they are enjoying at home. Once your child is fully weaned they will enjoy meals from the main menu.