We know that the support from our highly trained practitioners, alongside an environment rich in natural resources, and open ended play experiences enable children to enjoy learning, and make the very best progress.

Indoor learning

The nursery is divided into 3 main areas, designed to accommodate each of the following age groups.

Little Stars
3mths - 2yrs
Sunshine Room
2yrs - 3yrs
Rainbow Room
3yrs - 5yrs

All the nursery rooms are decorated with soft colours and textures. There is a variety of ageappropriate wooden toys, natural resources and real-life objects, as well as plants and flowers. This creates a warm and cosy atmosphere for the children to learn in.

Babies can enjoy sleeping in our cosy Dream Coracles. The design allows them the freedom to independently choose when they would like to crawl into a secure place and rest. Older children can snuggle up in their own sleeping bag. We follow individual sleep routines and respond to what each child needs from day to day.

In the Little Stars room and the Sunshine room, each child has their own care sheet which the staff complete, to let you know about your child’s day at nursery.

Outdoor learning

At Playbox we understand the importance of spending time outside. The natural world supports children’s development on an emotional and psychological level and allows them to explore, discover and understand.

We have 2 outdoor areas that are fully equipped to allow children to experience the full EYFS curriculum, whilst being immersed in nature and benefitting from the fresh air.


The babies have their own outdoor area, which is accessed directly from their room. This means that they have the freedom to explore a range of equipment to develop their physical skills. They also enjoy making and baking in our toddler mud kitchen area, surrounded by the singing birds who often come to say hello!

2-5 Year Olds

Once children become more confident on their feet, they need the space to enable them to run, ride bikes and explore. Our large back garden is designed to enable them to develop their gross motor physical skills. There are also plenty of opportunities for imaginative and creative play in our mud kitchen, sand and water areas.

All children enjoy time outside on a daily basis so please ensure your child has suitable clothing for all weathers!