A home from home
for your child.

Playbox is a calm, relaxed play space offering lots of opportunities for children to be inquisitive and explore their natural curiosity.

At Playbox we want to give children the very best opportunities during their time with us. We strive to be a home from home environment and understand how important it is for the whole family to be a part of their child’s learning and development from the very start.

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Welcome to Playbox Nursery, Chesterfield.

Playbox Nursery is set in a beautifuly maintained Victorian house near to Chesterfield Town Centre.


1. The natural world

We believe that children are at their happiest and most contented surrounded by nature and the natural world. At Playbox spend a lot of their time exploring our large outdoor space.

The outdoors is constantly changing with the weather and seasons, and this offers children a wide variety of learning opportunities using all of their senses.


2. Natural curiosity

We harness children’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder for the things around them by providing play spaces that have a calm, relaxed feeling and lots of opportunities to be inquisitive and explore.

We will develop a close relationship with you and your child, so that we get to know what they enjoy doing at home and continue to build upon their interests at nursery.


3. Highly trained team

We know that the support from our highly trained practitioners, alongside an environment rich in natural resources, and open ended play experiences enable children to enjoy learning, and make the very best progress.

Specialist training such as Health & Wellbeing, Muddy Puddle and Forest School activities means that your child will benefit from rich indoor and outdoor experiences.

OFSTED Rated Good

The nursery is warm and welcoming. Children are happy and settled and they enjoy their time at nursery. Staff are kind and sensitive to children’s emotional well-being. Staff support children to build resilience: they provide challenging activities and encourage children to have a go and keep trying when they find things difficult. This helps children to develop their self-confidence and self-esteem.